Create Forward Order
  • 30 Oct 2023
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Create Forward Order

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You can create sale orders in two ways.

  1. How can I create an order with Delhivery?

  2. How can I send bulk orders with Delhivery?

  3. How can I send bulk shipments from Delhivery One?


Delhivery One platform has two modes: Direct Manifestation & Order Management Mode. Below order creation process is applicable only for Order Management mode. These orders are first created in pending state i.e not direct manifested. Read this article.

How can I create an order with Delhivery?

Steps to create a Sale order

Navigate - Main Menu > Orders > Forward Orders > Create Forward Order

1. Select Channel

Select the Channel. Learn more about adding channels from here.

2. Add Items

Next, you can add items to the Sale Order.

  • You can type the name of the item you want to add to the Sale Order. If present, the item details will populate in the drop-down list; else, create a new item.

  • Add more items as required

  • Select "My package contains fragile items" to provide specific handling instructions during transit.

E-waybill Number

If your order value is more than Rs 50,000 then you need to mandatorily mention a valid E-waybill number in the item details.

3. Payment Method

You can add the payment method

  1. Prepaid - Consignee has already paid the Invoice amount at the time of placing the order

  2. Cash on Delivery (COD) - Cash needs to be collected from Consignee at the time of delivering the order. The collection amount can be equal to or less than the order Invoice value

4. Add Pickup Location & Seller Details

Select the Pickup Location from where the Delhivery agent will pick up the shipment 

  • If it's an existing Pickup Location, you can select it from the drop-down.

  • Else create a new Pickup Location while creating a Sale order.

Adding Seller Details

You can also add Seller details (optional). The entered details (Name, GST Number, Address) shall be printed and visible on the Shipping Label. If no seller details are added, then the company details will be printed on the Shipping label.

5. Add Customer

  1. Select the Customer to whom the shipment needs to be delivered. If it's an existing Customer, you can select it from Drop Down or create new Customers while creating a Sale order. 

  2.   If the Billing and Shipping address is the same for a Customer, you can checkmark the billing address as the same as the shipping address under the payment details section.

6. Box Dimension / Weight & Shipping Mode

Add the Box Dimensions & Weight & select the Shipping mode (Surface / Express).

You can view the chargeable weight which is higher of the dead or volumetric weight. Conversion of volumetric weight to dead weight is done through a volumetric divisor which will be visible on your agreement.

Shipping MPS Order

If you are shipping a Multi-Piece shipment, you can add up to 5 boxes in order and enter their box dimensions and weight separately. All boxes in an MPS will be picked and delivered together.

You can choose to Create Order & Get AWB or Create Order & Manifest Later (this creates order in pending state). You can also print the Invoice from this page.

How can I send bulk orders from Delhivery?

If you are a business that ships more than ten orders a day, adding bulk orders will be a more optimal way to create orders.

Steps to add Bulk Orders

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Orders > Forward Orders > Upload Bulk Orders

  2. Select the Channel that orders belong to

  3. Download the sample CSV template, fill in the mandatory Information and Upload file. Mandatory fields will have an * (asterik symbol) before the field name.

  4. If you ship COD orders, you need to mention the COD Amount properly to avoid payment disputes

  5. If you want to add multiple product SKU to the same order, please follow these steps:-

    1. Use the same order ID in the different rows as per your total number of products. Eg: If you have 3 products, fill 3 rows with the same order ID.

    2. In each row enter the different Product SKU Code, SKU Name, Quantity, and Price corresponding to each product.

    3. All the other mandatory fields remain the same

  6. Once uploaded, orders are created in pending state.

  7. You can refer to the glossary for the required fields for Sale order upload
    Your sale order(s) are created successfully, now we'll learn how to Process orders.

How can I send bulk shipments from Delhivery One?

You can skip the order creation process & add shipments in bulk

Steps to add shipments in bulk

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Orders & Pickups > Forward Orders > Upload Bulk orders > Upload Shipments

    2. You can download the XLSX template, fill in the details & upload the file. Shipments will get created under Ready to Ship state.

    1. For the first column of Waybill, you can generate waybills from Main Menu > Information Center > Fetch AWB numbers > Mention the number of AWB required > Click Fetch AWBs. A csv file consisting of waybills is generated.

  1. You can also refer to the glossary to understand each column.

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