• 06 May 2024
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Article summary

Where can I see invoices on Delhivery One?

  • To view freight invoices on Delhivery One, navigate to Main Menu > Finances> Invoices

Item Name


Invoice Number

Every invoice has a unique invoice number

Invoice Date

Invoice generation date

GST Number

Service Type

Invoices are specific to HQ accounts and separate invoice for each service - Domestic | Cross Border | Communication VAS

Invoice Amount

Total invoice amount

Paid & Remaining Amount

Paid invoice amount & remaining amount to be paid

Due Date

Invoice due date

  • Prepaid invoices can only be viewed & downloaded
  • Postpaid invoices have the option to pay the outstanding payment.
  • Only the owner of the account can view the invoices.

  • You can 'Download Invoices' from this page
  • You can view individual Invoice in detail by clicking on the Invoice. 
  • Users can filter based on date range/invoice number and have the option to download the invoices (PDF file) along with the AWB-wise backup data from the details page.

Where can I see credit / debit notes on Delhivery One?

  • To view Credit / Debit notes on Delhivery One, navigate to Main Menu > Finances> Credit Notes / Debit Notes
  • You can view Note IDIssued DateTotal amount and also there an option to download the receipt
  • You can also filter via note ID or date range

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