Delhivery One Referral
  • 27 Mar 2024
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Delhivery One Referral

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Delhivery One Referral

Delhivery allows sellers to refer their friends to start shipping with Delhivery and earn up to maximum 7500 Rs for each successful referral. You can refer by :

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > What's New > Refer & Earn
  2. Sharing your unique referral link with your friends 
  3. Once your friend creates an account with your referral code and starts shipping with Delhivery, you earn money as wallet recharges.
  4. Based on the number of shipments shipped by your referred friend, you earn referral bonus that is added to your wallet.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All existing sellers shall be provided with a unique referral link that can be shared to be eligible for referral bonus.
  2. Referral shall be considered valid if the signup happens with the unique referral link for your account.
  3. Referral amount shall be calculated when the picked shipment count reaches the thresholds for the referred seller within the first 90 days of first volume date.
  4. Referral amount shall be settled on a monthly basis - any referrals made for current month where the referee client crossed the picked shipment threshold - referral amount shall be settled by 20th of next month.
  5. You can use the same referral link to refer as many sellers as you want. However the maximum referral amount will be calculated for each successful referral.
  6. You can track your referral amount in your Delhivery wallet with the remark “Referral amount for client - First XX shipments".

For example : If you refer a friend who ships first shipment on 1st January and

  1. Ships first 10 shipments by 10th January - 500 Rs will be added to wallet by/before 20th February
  2. Ships first 50 shipments by 5th February - 500 Rs will be added to wallet by/before 20th March
  3. Ships first 100 shipments by 15th February - 1500 Rs will be added to wallet by/before 20th March
  4. Ships first 1000 shipments by 31st March - 5000 Rs will be added to wallet by/before 20th April

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