Reverse Pickups/DTO
  • 05 Apr 2024
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Reverse Pickups/DTO

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If a customer wants to return a delivered order, you can create a Reverse Pickup. They are also called Customer Return or Direct-to-Origin (DTO). It contains

Reverse Order Number This contains the reverse order number, order date

Reverse Order Items: The items returned in the order include the SKU Code, SKU name, and quantity

Return Address: Each shipment will have a return address to where it needs to be delivered

Reverse Order Lifecycle

Order StatusDescription
Ready for PickupReturn request is created and pickup is ready
In TransitShipment is picked from the customer and enroute to return address
Out for DeliveryShipment is out for delivery to the return address
DeliveredShipment is delivered successfully to the return address

How can I ship a reverse orders with Delhivery One?

There are two ways of creating a Reverse Pickup / DTO order.

Initiate Return for a forward delivered order

  1. Navigate to Orders & Pickups > Forward Orders > Delivered
  2. You can create a Reverse Order by clicking on "Initiate Return" on Delivered listing page for forward orders.


  1. If your order has single item quantity, then the entire order shall be created as a return order.
  2. If your order has multiple item quantity, you can choose to return the entire order or create a partial return by changing the quantity of each item being returned.


Create Reverse Orders manually

Navigate to Main Menu > Orders & Pickups > Reverse Orders > Create Reverse Order


1. Add Order& Other Details

  1. Enter Order ID (This is source channel sale order number)
  2. Enter the Reference Number (This can be AWB number of the original shipment if the courier partner was other than Delhivery)
  3. Reason of Return
  4. Notes for the Field Executive if any

2. Add Items

Add items to the Reverse Order.

  • You can type the name of the item you want to add to the Sale Order. If present, the item details will populate in the drop-down list; else, create a new item.
  • Add more items as required
  • Select "My package contains fragile/liquid items" to provide specific handling instructions

3. Add Customer details

Select the Customer to whom the shipment needs to be picked from.

4. Add Return Location

Select the Return Location from where the Delhivery agent will return the shipment

5. Box Dimension / Weight & Shipping Mode

Add the Box Dimensions & Weight & select the Shipping mode (Surface / Express). Add box as required.

6. Manifest Return

  • Click** Manifest Reverse Order**, this will create a return & an AWB number. The status of the return will be Ready for Pickup.

  • The Order tracker will give you detailed information about your return shipment.

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