• 08 Nov 2023
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What are the different user profiles on Delhivery One?

Delhivery One allows you to add multiple users to your account to delegate your shipping operation better and ensure you can reach your customers on time.

What are users?

Users are defined as people from your team with access to Delhivery One. Users are assigned ‘roles’ that can be classified into the following categories:

  1. Owner - is the user who has created the account using their email on the Delhivery One platform and has access to all features on the dashboard, including adding more users and assigning roles.

  2. Admin - is the user that can perform all functionalities on the platform, except modifying the bank details and adding and assigning roles to users.

  3. Operation-user - is the user that can perform all order management-related functions like creating, viewing, and managing orders, exceptions, support tickets, etc. They cannot perform any owner or admin functions.

  4. Support-user - is the user who can only perform functions related to exceptions and ticketing. They cannot perform any owner, admin, or operation-user functions.

We encourage our clients/sellers to create multiple user accounts. It reduces the risk of workflow slowdowns, improves efficiency, and allows you better control and access, killing any form of dependencies.

How can I add multiple users to the account?

Please find the steps to add a new User.

  • Navigate to Main Menu > Settings > Users > Click New User
  • Enter details like Full name, Mobile Number, Email ID, select Role type. Click Invite User


  • The invitee user will receive a password reset email from us on the allotted email ID. Once the user has reset the password, they can access their account.

user image.jpg


This user invite link will only be valid for 12 hours.

How can I change owner login ID?

  • Login to with owner's email ID
  • Navigate Main Menu > Settings > Users
  • Click Edit against the User you want to change as owner
  • Under User Roles selectOwner. Save Changes
  • This changes the owner's email ID, and the old owner becomes an admin user

change owner email.gif

How can I remove a user?

You can't remove a user from Delhivery One but you can deactivate a user.
Navigate Main Menu > Settings > Users > Edit the required user > In Active > Save Changes


What permissions does each user role have?

Below, we have listed user permissions in detail as per the role type.


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