• 27 Feb 2023
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Delhivery Client Portal integrates with Woocommerce, enabling you to manage your daily sale order processing from the portal at ease.


UCP has two modes: Direct Manifestation & Order Management Mode. Woocommerce integration is available only on Order Management Mode. Read this article

In this article, you will learn to -

Capabilities UCP - Woocommerce Integration

Data Flow Source (from) Destination (to) Woocommerce integration capability
Fetch Orders Woocommerce UCP Yes
Detect Order being Completed Woocommerce UCP Yes
Mark Order as Completed UCP Woocommerce Yes
Detect a cancellation Woocommerce UCP Yes
Cancel Order UCP Woocomerce Yes
Detect a Return & Refund Woocommerce UCP No
Push Return Information for Delivered order UCP Woocommerce No

Add Woocommerce Channel on Client Portal

  1. On Delhivery Client Portal, navigate - Main menu > Services > Value Added Services > Channels> Add Channel

  2. On the Channels page, choose ‘Woocommerce’.

  3. Provide the following information:

  • Channel Name: Give a name to your Woocommerce channel. Preferably, the name ‘Woocommerce’ unless you have multiple Woocommerce accounts in which case you can number them accordingly.
  • Store URL : Provide your store URL [https://example.com]
  • Consumer Key & Consumer Secret: These details are generated from Woocommerce admin panel. Refer to Create App on Woocommerce
  • Sync Details: Select from which date you want the orders to sync
  • Pickup Preference: This will be your default pickup location for orders from this channel
  1. Click Add Channel

Create App on Woocommerce

To synchronize your Woocommerce with Delhivery’s Client Portal, you need to generate an API Key on Woocommerce with read & write permissions. For this, please follow these steps:

  • Login to Woocommerce admin panel

  • Go to Woocommerce -> Settings

  • Click Advanced -> Legacy API

  • Make sure Enable the legacy REST API is checked. Then Click Rest API

  • Click Add Key

  • Give an appropriate Description (to recognize the Client Portal integration). In Permissions set as Read/ Write. Click Generate API Key. Make a note of the Consumer Key & Consumer Secret.

  • Additional Check - Go To Woocommerce Admin Dashboard > Settings > Permalink

  • Make sure Common Settings is set to Post name

  • Follow Add Woocommerce Channel to integrate your Woocommerce store with the Delhivery Client Portal.

Deactivate Woocommerce Channel

To deactivate Woocommerce channel on the Client Portal -

  • Navigate Main Menu > Services > Configure Channels

  • On the Channel listing page, click Configure on the Channel you want to deactivate

  • Click Deactivate


  • Which orders are fetched from Woocommerce?
    Only 'Pending' & 'Processing' state Woocommerce orders are fetched. Completed orders are not fetched.

  • I connected my Woocommerce channel, but orders are not fetched.
    Below are the possible reasons why order fetch fails

    • Order sync usually takes 5 minutes, post this they should reflect under Orders > Domestic Orders > Pending state in the Client Portal

    • There are no orders in Pending or Processing state on your Woocommerce store

    • Verify the order sync date. Suppose you have set the order sync date to 1st December 2022. Only Pending / Processing orders on your Woocommerce created from this date onwards will be fetched

    • Make sure to copy paste the Consumer Secret & Consumer Key correctly in the respective fields

    • While copy pasting the Store URL in the Client Portal make sure to remove the forward slash (/). Eg: if your store url is https.abc.com make sure you copy paste https.abc.com and not https.abc.com/

  • I tried connecting the Woocommerce channel but the portal shows an error 'Channel name already exist'
    This error shows when you have previously configured a channel with the same name. Every time you configure a new channel, the name needs to be unique.

  • What is order sync date in channel configuration?
    Suppose you set order sync date to 1st December 2022. Only pending & processing state orders on your Woocommerce created from this date onwards will be fetched

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