• 01 Dec 2023
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Article Summary

How can I sync my Woocommerce orders with Delhivery One?

Delhivery One integrates with Woocommerce, enabling you to manage your daily sale order processing from Delhivery One at ease.

In this article, you will learn to -

Connect Woocommerce

To connect your Woocommerce website to Delhivery One

  • Navigate to Main Menu > Services > Channel Integrations > Configure > Add Channel
  • Under Select Channel choose Woocommerce
  • Enter your Woocommerce store URl eg: https://example.com
  • A new page will open on a new tab, you can enter Woocommerce username/email address and password & Click Login
  • If you were already logged in to Woocommerce, click Approve on this page
  • On successful connection you will see a message on Delhivery One - Awesome! You are now connected
  • Next Click Continue to Sync Orders


Delhivery One Capabilities - Woocommerce Integration

Data FlowSource (from)Destination (to)Woocommerce integration capability
Fetch OrdersWoocommerceDelhivery OneYes
Detect Order being CompletedWoocommerceDelhivery OneYes
Mark Order as CompletedDelhivery OneWoocommerceYes
Detect a cancellationWoocommerceDelhivery OneYes
Cancel OrderDelhivery OneWoocomerceYes
Detect a Return & RefundWoocommerceDelhivery OneNo
Push Return Information for Delivered orderDelhivery OneWoocommerceNo

Deactivate Woocommerce Channel

To deactivate Woocommerce channel on the Delhivery One-

  • Navigate Main Menu > Services > Configure Channels
  • On the Channel listing page, click Configure on the Channel you want to deactivate
  • Click Disconnect

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