Shipping Domestic Order
  • 30 Oct 2023
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Shipping Domestic Order

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Sale order is the term used to define an order your customer places for the products you sell. It contains the SKUs ordered, their corresponding quantities, prices, and discounts as applicable. It contains

  • Sale Order: This contains the order number and order date

  • Sale Order Items: The items sold in the order include the SKU Code, SKU name, price, quantity, applicable discount, and the associated taxes.

  • Customer: Each order belongs to a customer having a Mobile Number and Address.

  • Shipment: An order gets shipped in one or multiple shipments on account of being shipped from various physical locations or shipped at different times.

  • Pickup Location: Each shipment belongs to a unique Pickup Location.

  • Invoice: An invoice is an official document created after a shipment creation informing that the seller has made the sale to the buyer.

Sale Order Lifecycle

Status TypeDescription
PendingNewly Created Order request (applicable only for order management mode)
Ready to ShipManifestation is done and AWB number is generated
Ready for PickupPickup Request is created
In TransitShipment is picked up from Client warehouse; enroute to Customer
Out for DeliveryShipment is out for delivery
DeliveredShipment is delivered successfully to Customer
In Transit RTOShipment is returned by Customer; enroute to Client warehouse
Returned RTOShipment is returned successfully to Client Warehouse

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