• 01 Dec 2023
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Article Summary

How can I integrate my Shopify store with Delhivery One?

Delhivery One platform integrates with Shopify, enabling you to manage your daily sale order processing from Delhivery One at ease.

In this article you will learn to -

Delhivery One Capabilities - Shopify integration

Data FlowSource (From)Destination (To)Shopify Integration Capability
Fetch OrdersShopifyDelhivery OneYes
Detach Order being CompletedShopifyDelhivery OneYes
Mark Order as CompletedDelhivery OneShopifyYes
Detect a CancellationShopifyDelhivery OneYes
Cancel OrderDelhivery OneShopifyYes
Detect Return & RefundShopifyDelhivery OneNo
Push Return Information for Delivered orderDelhivery OneShopifyNo
Partial Order FetchShopifyDelhivery OneNo

Add Shopify Channel on Delhivery One

Steps to add Shopify Channel:

  • Navigate - Services > Value Added Services > Channels > Add Channel
  • On the Channels page, choose ‘Shopify’.
  • Click on "Integrate in One Click". This will redirect the user to Delhivery app on Shopify App Store (

  • Users can now connect their Shopify webstore by clicking on "Add app"

  • On app installation, user shall be redirected to Delhivery One platform where
    • Existing users can connect their existing logged in Delhivery account, or
    • Existing users can log in to another Delhivery account and connect, or
    • New users can sign up on Delhivery and connect their shopify store

Deactivate Shopify Channel

To deactivate Shopify channel on Delhivery One -

  • Navigate Main Menu > Services > Configure Channels 
  • On the Channel listing page, click Configure on the Channel you want to deactivate
  • On Channel configuration page click Deactivate



Ques : Which orders are fetched from Shopify?

Ans : Only orders with 'Unfulfilled' fulfillment status from Shopify are fetched. Fulfilled orders are not fetched. If you want to fetch custom order statuses, you can configure them from channel settings. Refer to this article to learn more.

Ques : I tried connecting the Shopify channel but orders are not fetched.

Ans : Order sync usually takes 5 minutes, post this they should reflect under Orders > Domestic Orders > Pending state in the Delhivery One platform. Please check that your shopify store has unfulfilled orders that will be fetched. You should also verify the order sync date. If you have set the order sync date to 1st December 2022. Only unfulfilled orders on your Shopify created from this date onwards will be fetched

Ques : My orders are showing the wrong Payment mode (COD vs Prepaid) in Delhivery One?

Ans : We identify the Payment mode based on the Financial Status of your shopify order. If Financial Status is Paid, we sync them as Prepaid. If Financial Status is Pending or Partially Paid, we sync them as COD. Else we sync those orders with blank payment mode where you'll have to assign COD or prepaid before shipping. Refer to this article to learn more.

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